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Machine Pass Off Support

Metrology Inspection Equipment & Manufacturing Machining

Get total peace of mind. With the Machine Pass Off Support we'll show you just how capable your new machine tool is, before it leaves the manufacturer.

CNC machine

Proven brilliance.

We’ll visit the manufacturer with you, to check that your new machine is geometrically sound and will do everything you need it to do.

Total confidence.

A new machine tool is a massive capital investment. Why leave it to chance that everything works as it should? With this Machine Pass Off Support, we’ll eliminate the guesswork, to give you total confidence in your choice of new machine.

Independent, expert assessment.

We often surprise manufacturers with how much we can tell them about their machines from a single benchmark report. It’s never about criticism – more often than not, we prove to their customers they’ve made a great choice.

Make good parts from day one.

As with all new things, not everything is perfect on delivery – and it can take weeks to discover a problem and fix it. With a Machine Pass Off benchmark, we can identify geometric issues immediately – both at the build site, and when the OEM engineers have built the machine at your factory.

Complete peace of mind.

For most customers, it’s enough to see a green machine benchmark report to know that the machine will live up to expectations. For some, seeing the machine actually produce a part to tolerance is the reassurance they need. The choice is yours.

Our experts help you every step of the way

Here’s how we give you total confidence to pass off your new machine tool.

Site visit We’ll visit the manufacturer with you when you go to pass off the machine. It doesn’t matter where in the world your machine has been made, we’ll be on the next flight out.
Prove geometric performance with NC-Checker We’ll install NC-Checker on the new machine tool, and run a benchmark report. You’ll know at a glance your capital investment was well spent : green, and all is well; red, and we’ll work with you and the OEM to get the machine right.
Prove your part to tolerance with NC-PerfectPart You can request an extra step! After we benchmark the machine, our engineer can work with you to align a part using NC-PerfectPart. This will prove the machine tool can make the part to tolerance.
Pass off with confidence Once you’re satisfied with the machine tool’s benchmark report, you can pass off the machine with confidence knowing that it will perform exactly as you need it to when you take delivery of it.
One more check When you take delivery of the machine tool, our experts will be there to run NC-Checker again – ideally before the OEM leaves your site. That way we can prove the machine is as good as it was when you passed it off. Next step? You’re ready to make great parts.
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