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Additive Manufacturing

Meet the machining challenges of Additive Manufacturing with precision machining…

Additive manufacturing (AM) speeds up the process of machining complex parts, produces very little waste and is much more efficient than traditional manufacturing methods. Despite these benefits part distortion can often occur, and finish machining is often required to ensure surfaces are flat and smooth as desired. MSP’s products can solve these issues and create high accuracy and consistent AM parts by identifying any machine errors and automating part setup.

Benefits to your industry

  • Precision finishing.

  • High accuracy, consistent parts.

  • Massive cost and time savings.

  • Error-free production.

Industry case studies

MSP solve challenges within additive manufacturing

For over fifteen years, software company, MSP have been revolutionising the way aluminium, titanium and composite parts are made and measured with their products NC-Checker and NC-PerfectPart. More recently, the company have worked to improve processes for new technologies such as additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing).

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MSP cut part setup time from 5 hours to 10 minutes for 3T-am

By automating 3T-am's processes, MSP and Renishaw helped the company reduce part setup time from 5 hours to 10 minutes, increase their potential machine capacity by 157% and gave them the confidence to complete the setup and alignment for a full batch of parts during the day and leave the machine to run overnight, enabling 24/7 lights-out production.

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Our products.


Fine-tune your machine tools with at-a-glance diagnostics and precise calibration. Results? Increased capacity. Reduced inspection. Zero scrap.

About NC-Checker


Cut scrap and concessions to zero. Reduce machine time by up to 80%. Trap errors before the machine even starts. And make parts perfect – first time, every time.

About NC-PerfectPart


Automate the last manual step of your entire machining process. Eliminate human error from manually clocked probes with accurate, automated machine tool axis setting.

About AutoClock

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