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Manufacturing Engagement Workshops

Manufacturing Engagement Workshops

  • TBA
  • Online
  • Free

MSP understand how important it is for manufacturers to maintain production as much as possible at the moment and is keen to share their knowledge of part production processes to support organisations in the industry so the manufacturing sector can recover as quickly as possible once all pandemic restrictions are lifted.

The company is offering free online technical workshops for organisations who are suffering from part production challenges and are not sure how to solve them.

The workshops are aimed at manufacturers who are suffering from a range of part production problems such as:

  • High scrap or rework rates
  • Variability between parts produced on the same machine
  • Underperforming equipment (probing, 5-axis machines, calibration equipment, fixturing) not delivering a return on investment
  • A process which is too lengthy to achieve production targets
  • CMM backlogs

In the session, MSP’s Technical Account Manager, Aidan Wigham, and other members of MSP’s engineering team, will analyse your part production processes and determine why these issues are occurring.

All workshops are unique and tailored to the specific content you wish to discuss or receive help about. Once you have registered your interest, we will be in touch to find out more about your production challenges or what you wish to get out of the session. The workshop will then be designed accordingly based on this information and a date/time will be organised to deliver this.

Please note, if you wish to share sensitive information about the specifics of your processes, we are more than happy to sign an NDA beforehand.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop for your team, register using the button above. If possible, please specify the subject you are interested in or problem you are wishing to solve in the comments box.

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