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AutoClock from MSP

metrology software products launch exciting new product at MACH 2018

metrology software products ltd (MSP) are pleased to announce the launch of their new product, AutoClock at MACH 2018.

Exhibiting on Stand H19-338, MSP will have a working demonstration of AutoClock on display.

AutoClock is the first product in history which makes it possible to fully automate the probe calibration process.

It provides fast, accurate and automated tool axis setting. It takes seconds to automatically set the tool axis offset to microns. This enables the probe to complete the automatic calibration process without human intervention.

This means part production lines can finally be fully automated with AutoClock.

Currently, all methods for clocking the sphere in are manual. Inaccuracies here can have a negative impact on the entire machining process. In particular, errors can lead to inaccurate probe calibration, incorrect machine setup and ultimately concessions or scrap parts.

By automating this process, AutoClock eliminates inaccuracies at the very start of the machining process due to the removal of any operator input. It generates accurate, reliable and repeatable ‘offset’ measurements and automatically updates the controller to match. It is so precise, it is able to find the offset value to just one micron, making it significantly more accurate than current methods. Furthermore, it takes only twenty-two seconds to find the offset value, allowing for more regular calibration to ensure maximum accuracy all the time.

Peter Hammond, MSP Technical Director, has worked on the project since the beginning: “We are excited to launch AutoClock. At MSP, we are driven by providing error-free machining processes and this can only be achieved through automation. AutoClock is the final piece of the puzzle, enabling a completely automated, lights out operation.

AutoClock solves a major engineering problem and it is exciting to finally introduce it to the industry at MACH.”

Peter will join the rest of the team on the stand to discuss this unique product with visitors, while also showcasing existing products, NC-Checker and NC-PerfectPart.

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