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Composites Webinar: Still bending it like Beckham?

Composites Webinar: Still bending it like Beckham?

  • 29th September 2021 — 29th September 2021
    13:00 - 14:00
  • Online

'Meet the Member' webinar in association with Composites UK.

Still bending it like Beckham? Feel like your composite machining process is stuck in the early ‘00s? Still using your fixture to bend or manipulate the part to align it correctly? Learn how to automate composite production and bring your processes up to date so they are not just accurate, but highly repeatable and efficient. Most importantly, learn how to never scrap a part again.

About the webinar

Distortion on composite parts manifests itself in many ways. Do you have to bend and constrain the part in the fixture to align it correctly? Does your part setup routine consist of multiple manual operations and take a significant amount of time? Do you struggle to machine countersinks / counterbores to the correct depth?

Ignoring these issues is the manufacturing equivalent of an own goal and, in this webinar, MSP will explain how to tackle them head on. Learn how to compensate for distortion and create accurate, repeatable alignments within minutes to avoid going into extra time. Discover how to form a winning process which is stable, productive and produces right first time parts, every time.

About MSP

Often referred to as manufacturing’s ‘best kept secret’, MSP is an expert in complex composite manufacturing and its products can resolve almost every single machining issue. They can help you realise the ROI in your existing CNC machines, probing and tooling - with the end goal of outperforming competitors.

Who should attend?

5-axis CNC manufacturers struggling to machine distorted parts or key features accurately, those struggling with long, variable part setup times or manufacturers tired of the demanding quality pressures caused by high scrap or rework rates. It will also be a great learning opportunity for manufacturers interested in discovering what can be achieved with the equipment and skills they already have.

The webinar will be delivered by MSP’s Technical Account Manager, Aidan Wigham, who will also participate in a Q&A session afterwards. Aidan has worked on some of MSP’s biggest composite projects within the aerospace, F1 and marine industries.

Whatever goal you have for your machining process, make sure it hits the back of the net every time.

The webinar will be held online via Zoom and will last for an hour. Sign up here.

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